November 29, 2009

smart design mart holiday edition day one!

a few quick pics of saturday! amazing turn out... thanks for stopping by and hanging out! the vendor spaces look amazing... stop by sunday if you haven't come by already! we're open 11am-5pm. see you!

November 27, 2009


the majority of the art world’s curators and collectors continue to view graffiti as a form of vandalism and “lower art”. this is where omen wants to set things straight. since the late 90’s, omen has been redefining the boundaries of graffiti with his singular style of painting, both on and off the streets. using spray cans as his primary medium, he has been leading the aerosol movement towards a truce with the established art world.

no other medium has met with such resistance in its quest to be accepted as a valid form of expression. At no other time in history has there been a movement rallying around a medium. acrylics, tempura, oil paints – none of these have brought artists together like aerosol. “aerosol is a medium like any other; valid and there as a vehicle to express oneself, whether that be through realism, expressionism, cubism, or whatever the artist chooses,” he says. “as long as aerosol and graffiti are used to pigeon-hole and keep legitimate artists down, i will keep blowing your minds.”

headquaters galerie + boutique

headquarters galerie & boutique has been ushering in new artistic talent since june 1st 2006. featuring new artist exhibitions once a month this 2 level galerie/boutique concept store aims to draw out the curious and reward the faithful. new clothing, accessories and home-ware designers are added to the store roster often, and the contents of the store are constantly changing. focusing on indie designers from around the globe, the mix of art and product design meld in glorious harmony.

tyson and angie moved to montreal in the fall of 2003 to pursue their careers in fashion and art (angie doing the fashion, tyson doing the art). after seeing all the creative talented people in montreal they realized that there are people like this everywhere, and wouldn’t it be nice to offer all their great stuff to the general public of montreal, all in one store. in order to cover all of tyson and angie’s interests opening a boutique or gallery separately just didn’t seem to hit the spot, so they decided to throw together everything they love into one little store/gallery and hope that other people would love it just as much.

visit the headquarters blog for good fun.

November 26, 2009

worn fashion journal

worn fashion journal is a print publication that comes out twice a year (once in hot weather, once in cold) based in toronto, canada. however, our content is not time or location specific. Since we do not report on trends or promote the newest items on the market, our content is as interesting and relevant today as it will be five years down the road. although we love and support toronto fashion, we include content from all over canada and the rest of the world. worn hasn’t missed the fact that there are scads of fashion magazines out there. But we feel something is missing: opinion and intelligent commentary that’s untainted by advertisers’ demands.

worn discusses the cultures, subcultures, histories, and personal stories of fashion. we strive to embody a place between pop culture magazine and academic journal that opens new avenues in art and fashion theory by hovering where these two ideas intersect, connecting with fashion scholars and artists. we pay attention to how what is worn is made, interpreted, transformed, disseminated, and copied.

  • to show a wide range of beauty, one that includes diversity of culture, subculture, gender identification, sexuality, size, race, and age.
  • to offer provocative thought on fashion and aesthetics in an accessible way.
  • to refrain from polarizing fashion into concepts of “in” and “out,” or “good” and “bad”.
  • to differentiate between personal style and the fashion industry, and recognize that the two don’t necessarily have to align.
  • to answer, always and above all, to our readers and not our advertisers.
  • to celebrate the universal appeal of fashion, outside of time and trend.
  • to have a sense of humor, but not at anyone’s expense (with the notable exception of our own).




a shop ? oh yes !
a gallery ? you bet !
a studio ? when it's tidy.
a museum ? kinda.

since 1998, this mutable space has been reinventing itself, moving from 'straight-up' antique shop to kitsch haven and underground comix community hub.

today, we sport an art gallery, host openings and micro-concerts, support a myriad of local and international artists, carry small press and zines, overflow with paper ephemera, have a fitful relationship with antiques and collectibles and mos def are a place sure to enchant the curious.

sébastien kauffmann

sébastien kauffmann felt laptop cases!

kevin ledo






kevin ledo’s paintings often flirt with prevalent persuasive imagery and ideologies. his work mainly revolves around idealism, beauty and divinity but at times is satirical and playful. the more accomplished bodies of work include “the guiding light” and “desire” series which celebrate and scrutinize persuasive content and imagery found mass media.

ledo's paintings are internationally collected and have been on display in taiwan, canada and the united states. ledo is a first generation portuguese canadian, born and raised in montreal, where he completed illustration and design at dawson college. over the past few years ledo has been traveling and living in different parts of canada and asia. ledo is presently based out of montreal.

November 25, 2009

noir de mars

conçues comme les éléments essentiels de la garde robe féminine, les créations noir de mars proposent de faire du sac à main la pièce maîtresse de toute tenue vestimentaire. inspirée par la forme ronde des planètes de notre système solaire, noir de mars imagine des accessoires aux formes lunaires qui habillent une femme urbaine en quête de simplicité et de fonctionnalité, le tout toujours agrémentés d'un zeste de fantaisie.
noir de mars, accessoirement essentiel.

designed as the essential elements of the female wardrobe, noir de mars chooses to make the handbag the centerpiece of any look. inspired by the round shape of the planets in our solar system, noir de mars imagines lunar forms accessories for a city girl in search of simplicity and functionality always spiced with a touch of fantasy.

noir de mars, accessories are essential.

make sure you check out vicky's blog: un jour en noir

en masse


en masse will be creating a live art installation during smart design mart!

under the direction of jason botkin and rupert bottenberg, en masse is an ongoing series of artistic conversations, a non-linear dialog connecting many artists through the creation of large-scale collaborative black and white murals.

the shape and character of each specific en event is defined by those creators who take part in the project, and the energies they individually and collectively bring to the mix. the events bring together emerging artists drawn from the diverse fields of the ‘high’ and ‘low’ brow arts, the latter including graffiti, alternative comics, and illustration.

the en masse mandate is twofold; firstly to increase the visibility of new young artists, both collectively and as individuals, and secondly, to foster community-oriented art events and programming, built upon a specific form of collaborative interaction and immersion between the chosen artists.


creativity zoo t-shirts...