November 25, 2009

en masse


en masse will be creating a live art installation during smart design mart!

under the direction of jason botkin and rupert bottenberg, en masse is an ongoing series of artistic conversations, a non-linear dialog connecting many artists through the creation of large-scale collaborative black and white murals.

the shape and character of each specific en event is defined by those creators who take part in the project, and the energies they individually and collectively bring to the mix. the events bring together emerging artists drawn from the diverse fields of the ‘high’ and ‘low’ brow arts, the latter including graffiti, alternative comics, and illustration.

the en masse mandate is twofold; firstly to increase the visibility of new young artists, both collectively and as individuals, and secondly, to foster community-oriented art events and programming, built upon a specific form of collaborative interaction and immersion between the chosen artists.

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