November 27, 2009

headquaters galerie + boutique

headquarters galerie & boutique has been ushering in new artistic talent since june 1st 2006. featuring new artist exhibitions once a month this 2 level galerie/boutique concept store aims to draw out the curious and reward the faithful. new clothing, accessories and home-ware designers are added to the store roster often, and the contents of the store are constantly changing. focusing on indie designers from around the globe, the mix of art and product design meld in glorious harmony.

tyson and angie moved to montreal in the fall of 2003 to pursue their careers in fashion and art (angie doing the fashion, tyson doing the art). after seeing all the creative talented people in montreal they realized that there are people like this everywhere, and wouldn’t it be nice to offer all their great stuff to the general public of montreal, all in one store. in order to cover all of tyson and angie’s interests opening a boutique or gallery separately just didn’t seem to hit the spot, so they decided to throw together everything they love into one little store/gallery and hope that other people would love it just as much.

visit the headquarters blog for good fun.

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