November 25, 2009

mimi traillette

mimi traillette uses recycled fabric in all of her one-of-a-kind or limited series plushies. she enjoys giving a second life to things; a plushie made out of recycled fabric has a life story behind it and allows you to hold on to the things you love but don’t wear anymore.

the name mimi traillette (both her company and artist name) is inpired by the word “mitrailette” which means machine gun in french – making her name both cute & tough at the same time.

she grew up in a pretty artsy/crafty family, with a mom who sews & knits at amazing speeds and a dad who is a whiz with watercolor and pastel. her parents always encouraged her to make stuff & draw, but she found the kind of work she currently makes not supported at art school. she stuck to her guns though and continues to pursue her vision of plush toys that most probably wouldn’t consider cuddling up with in real life such as octopi, crabs, tombstones, ghosts and even poop plushies!

mimi co-operates a gallery in montreal called usine 106U. (bio via good egg industries)

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