April 9, 2010

vintage mart sneak peek #3

deadstock vintage poppit necklaces!  original poppit beads from the 50's/60's!  never been worn!  faceted beads are 1/2" in diameter and super shiny.  the ball and socket joint beads snap together to make various lengths of necklaces and bracelets!  the original hangtag even suggests wearing these as a belt.  blech.  

this website has an interesting article about the history of the poppit bead, they were originally developed in england in 1953 to demonstrate a plastic injection molding machine.  

vintage mart has an entire box of these in 30" lengths!  available in multi, pink, eggplant, forest green, blue, turquoise, chartreuse, yellow, orange red, red, burgundy and jet black.

pop! pop! pop!  

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