November 30, 2010

en masse

originally created/curated by jason botkin and tim barnard, and now under the direction of botkin and rupert bottenberg, en masse is an ongoing series of artistic conversations, a non-linear dialog connecting many artists through the creation of large-scale collaborative black and white murals.  the shape and character of each specific en masse event is defined by those creators who take part in the project, and the energies they individually and collectively bring to the mix.  

en masse brings together emerging artists drawn from the divers fields of the "high" and "low" brow arts, the latter including graffiti, alternative comics, and illustration.  (via

November 29, 2010


a shop? oh yes !
a gallery? you bet !
a studio? when it's tidy.
a museum? kinda.

since 1998, this mutable space has been reinventing itself, moving from 'straight-up' antique shop to kitsch haven and underground comix community hub.

today, we sport an art gallery, host openings, book launches and micro-concerts, support a myriad of local and international artists, carry small press and zines, overflow with paper ephemera, have a fitful relationship with antiques and collectibles....and are a magical place sure to enchant the curious. (via

November 28, 2010

château gâteau

montreal based château gâteau hunts high and low for prettiest vintage teacups and then turns them into candles made with all natural soy wax.  they also make lip balm, and cat toys, and this season they're introducing chalkboards made from vintage picture frames!  (centre photo via labour of love)


positioned just left of the intersection between streetwear, skate culture and contemporary design, bruxe is a premium and multifaceted lifestyle brand.  bruxe designs address functionality and streetwear sensibilities while insisting on unique and meticulously crafted design aesthetics.  we are dedicated to designing quality products which stand the test of time. (via

worn fashion journal

what's in issue number 11 of worn?
this issue is chock full of wholesome fashiony goodness: if isabel foo’s illustrated cover didn’t tip you off, we’ve got an in depth look at the history of flight attendant uniforms (and inspiration for next year’s halloween costume). style bloggers from all over play dress-up for your viewing pleasure. sarah scatarro answers the pressing question on everybody’s minds: what exactly is the difference between fashion conservation and fashion restoration (the answer might shock you!). also, find out what happens when an intern says, “i know of a zebra we can use in a photo shoot.” all that, plus so much more!  (via

November 27, 2010

simply sweet

we're not quite sure what paige from simply sweet will be bringing in for this year's smart design mart, but we know it's going to be delicious!  it might be cake pops (that's a cake lollypop coated in candy), oatmeal raisin cookies, whoopie pies or pumpkin brownies.  simply sweet specializes in custom-order cupcakes & baked goods.  in the meantime, drool over some of these photos of paige's cupcakes.  photos from top to bottom: coffee syrup soaked vanilla cupcake with cream cheese filling and cream cheese frosting topped with a coffee bean and cocoa powder sprinklings.  red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, and sucre a la creme cupcake with maple syrup frosting topped with sucre a la creme and powdered maple syrup.  


furni is a two man operation run by mike giles (one of the smart design mart organizers) and devin barrette.  started six years ago, they make handcrafted wooden clocks, design watches and have lots of other fun collaborations with other great designers.  furni is currently hosting  a crazy worldwide treasure hunt, see more details here.  

pmo design

montreal based pmo design has been making handmade ceramic and wooden products since 1999.  everything they make is handmade and environmentally friendly.  photos from top to bottom: "signature vase" inspired by old chinese wooden buckets, "maison oga" stoneware tea light holders based shaped to look like children's drawings of houses, and "bone n cozy", a ceramic cup with handknit cozies, knit by pmo creator wai's mom.  pmo design is available on etsy at:  

mauve naïf update

a little video from mauve naïf for holiday 2010!   

loyal luxe update

this just in!  we got the new photos of loyal luxe's "native american teepee for fluffy little critters"!  is it too much to get one for each of my three cats? 

November 26, 2010

elaine ho

elaine ho is one of the organizers of smart design mart.  she makes silver jewelry, leather accessories, and has a clothing line named after one of her cat pepito mimumo.  she'll be debuting a mini collection of silver earcuffs, as well as bags made from recycled leather jackets at this year's smart design mart.  elaine's work can be found on etsy at and she also blogs at   

cheap opulance

cheap opulance is a dreamy vintage shop run by sarah whidden.  check out sarah's blog at for adventure in thrifting and other fun things.  cheap opulance can be found on etsy at

November 25, 2010

paule t.b.

illustrator paule trudel bellemare is from trois-rivières, she has a degree in traditional animation, and studied fashion illustration at f.i.t. in new york.  she currently freelances and works as an illustrator for children's publishers.  paule's illustrations, including an amazing calendar printed on locally made, recycled luxurious cotton rag paper and prints are available on etsy at  

atelier make

butter pillows! hangover cups! juicers! 

based in montreal, atelier make is the ceramic design and production studio of artists maya ersan and jaimie robson. both graduates of the emily carr institute of art and design, they previously shared a studio in vancouver bc, and are collaborators on many creative endeavors.

with a design aesthetic that ranges from minimal to whimsical, maya and jaimie create work that brings the beauty and pleasure of fine craft into contemporary daily life. thinking about current habits, lifestyles and the needs of city dwellers, atelier make creates ceramic objects that speak to a new generation of fine craft enthusiasts.  maya and jaimie reinterpret traditional ceramic forms with a contemporary twist and bring to life objects that enhance their own daily lives.  (via

fantôme design

fantôme design is a montreal based collaborative studio that uses projection to explore how light and motion create spaces with ambiance, allure, spectacle and even intimacy. exploring the ephemeral qualities of time based media and projection, the studio produces: custom projection design, fantôme wallpapers, live visuals as well as innovative projects and workshops that use a range of projection and animation techniques.

fantôme wallpapers are beautifully animated patterns and collages designed to be projected on your walls using a digital projector.  use them to decorate and create ambiance at home, work or any where walls are found.  specially designed to be used for décor, fantôme wallpapers use vivid colours so that they’re visible in moderate indoor lighting conditions. fantôme wallpapers really “pop out” in dimly lit settings. (via

November 24, 2010

tyson bodnarchuk

tyson bodnarchuk is one of the smart design mart organizers and  he also runs a store with his wife angie called headquarters galerie & boutique.  he draws monsters and likes the muppets, zombies and the dark crystal.  tyson's work is available at  he's currently working on some ceramic monsters, and they'll be making their debut at smart design mart.  


name: janick
profession: full-time creative & crafty lady, ex-graphic designer

can't live without: friends, cat, computer, camera, creativity, recycling bins, LOLs, exclamation points ! and smiley faces :)

a day in the life: spends her days working, tweeting, facebooking and blogging, accompanied by the prettiest “big boned” cat ever, named kobe. If not, she likes to meet friends for a bite to eat or coffee, run errands on her bike, online shopping, gardening, long walks & talks with great people, watch tv shows & dvds she’s already seen dozens of times.

name: janick
profession: demoiselle créative & artistique à temps plein, ex-designer graphique

ne peut vivre sans: amis, chat, ordinateur, camera, créativité, bacs de recyclage, points d’exclamation ! et sourires virtuels :)

journée typique: passer ses journées à travailler, tweeter, facebooker et blogger, accompagné du plus beau chat aux “gros os”, nommé kobe.  sinon, elle aime rencontrer des amis pour une bouchée ou un café, aller faire ses achats à vélo, magasiner en ligne, jardiner, prendre de longues marches & discussions en bonne compagnie, écouter des emissions tv et des dvds qu’elle a déjà vu des dizaines de fois.

nea is available on etsy at  

miasma designs

miasma designs was created in 2004 by artist/designer, jennifer reed.  based in montreal, she is influenced by the unique styles and fashions experienced in a multi-cultural, urban setting. her creations integrate a wide variety of materials, including found and recycled materials, glass, wire, chain, feathers, wood, fabric, and precious and semi-precious stones. her designs attempt to evoke a mystical quality through the juxtaposition of opposites: natural vs. synthetic, hard vs. soft, excess vs. simplicity.  as a result, her work is both bold and delicate simultaneously. understanding that accessories are a very personal exploration and declaration of an individual's character, her pieces are created to make a statement. her older works embody all things sparkly, glitzy and glamourous, whereas her recent works explore the notions of masculine and feminine and attempts to blur the defining lines between the two. though her work is constantly changing and evolving, she continually strives to create jewelry that reflects the attitude, character, and style of an individual with something to say. (via