November 6, 2010

c'est pas moi, c'est ma soeur

c'est pas moi, c'est ma soeur is a collaboration between twins mélie et marianne vézina-méthé.  from macro to micro, these twin sisters mix the refinement of jewellery with the efficacy of industrial design. they use artisanal techniques and technologies to create sophisticated jewels and distinguished small objects.  mélie has been a jeweller for over 10 years with a background in industrial design, she works with silver, 18K gold, pearls and mother of pearl.  marianne works at an architectural design studio and is currently studying environmental design, check out some of her designs.  the bottom image, is brik pa brik, a project created by c'est pas moi, c'est ma soeur to raise funds for the reconstruction of haiti, will all the profits going to "emergency architects canada".

if you're interested in learning how to make silver jewelry, mélie also teaches at the visual arts centre in westmount.  take a session, i've had her as a teacher and she's really really good!

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