November 4, 2010

genevieve savard

the that bag on top, the crystal tote?  the bottom of it is made from SEVENTY TWO triangles, hand dyed and rubbed with beeswax.  designer genevieve savard works with a lot of recycled leather and silk and her most recent collection is titled "black mold".  she makes beautifully constructed dresses made of luxurious silks, and hand dies the hems & necklines so it looks like a deadly mold is creeping up the dress.  check out genevieve's blog for fantastic watercolour illustrations of her upcoming designs, and watch her creations come to life, oh and also a decent amount of cat content.  genevieve savard can also be found on etsy:    

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  1. i love that being a crazed cat lady gives you blogger cred these days!


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