November 24, 2010

miasma designs

miasma designs was created in 2004 by artist/designer, jennifer reed.  based in montreal, she is influenced by the unique styles and fashions experienced in a multi-cultural, urban setting. her creations integrate a wide variety of materials, including found and recycled materials, glass, wire, chain, feathers, wood, fabric, and precious and semi-precious stones. her designs attempt to evoke a mystical quality through the juxtaposition of opposites: natural vs. synthetic, hard vs. soft, excess vs. simplicity.  as a result, her work is both bold and delicate simultaneously. understanding that accessories are a very personal exploration and declaration of an individual's character, her pieces are created to make a statement. her older works embody all things sparkly, glitzy and glamourous, whereas her recent works explore the notions of masculine and feminine and attempts to blur the defining lines between the two. though her work is constantly changing and evolving, she continually strives to create jewelry that reflects the attitude, character, and style of an individual with something to say. (via

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