November 5, 2010

squid wool

squid wool is made by squid-boy aka christopher, but we've just discovered there's a squid-girl as well.  here's the low-down...

hello my fellow etsy friends, squid-boy here!
about a year ago my girlfriend (aka squid-girl) bought some wool and needle felting equipment and I fell in love with the material and possibilities from the get go.  since I have to keep my hands busy at all times I have been needle-felting like a madman.  now squid-girl says i stole her hobby... but she has plenty of hair-pins so she's happy.

squid wool is available on etsy at

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  1. lucky girl to have a boyfriend with the same interests. My grandson fell in love with needle felting too. check out my blog (owl & monkey) for some cute christmas needle felting.


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