November 14, 2010

this ilk

the word ilk signifies “of the same class or kind”.

tamara bavdek completed a bachelor’s degree in industrial design at university of montreal in 2007.  after many, many years of long blond hair, she needed a change.  after finally getting a short haircut, she started seeking large earrings to compliment and feminize her look.

having always been obsessed with pop art and the ‘60s era, she turned to trendsetter of her time edith minturn “edie” sedgwick for inspiration. this actress/model/heiress was, in fact, andy warhol’s (most renowned artist of the pop art movement) muse and greatly inspired his work as well.  she would layer on various earrings to make them as big and long as possible which complimented her boyish hair cut and dramatic eye make-up.

because lace is to textiles what gold is to metals and diamonds to stones, it became the obvious lightweight choice for this ilk’s jewelery line.  although tamara has a penchant for modernist simplicity, she just couldn’t resist lace’s feminine charm. (via

this ilk is available on etsy at

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