December 3, 2011

2e journée!

tomorrow is our last day!  come see us from 12-5pm!  venez nous rejoindre demain de 12h-17h!  

December 1, 2011

madge melanie cheung

Madge MELANIE CHEUNG is a line of ever changing accessory collections designed for the free-spirited forward thinker.
All accessories are handmade in Canada, with love. Each accessory collection is connected to a chartable organization, with a percentage of the profits donated directly to charity.
The current product offerings for Fall 2011 are "Peacehands," a line of high end friendship bracelets, and "Mumstheword," a line of hand knit/leather headbands.

November 30, 2011

rose & ruby

gina bourne is the creator behind rose & ruby.  "rose" because she tries to produce beautiful pieces of art and jewelry, work that enhances the natural beauty of vintage and found pieces that are the base for her inspiration.  and "ruby" because ruby is her grandmother, strong, like the gemstone and is a source of inspiration, motivation & creativity throughout gina's life.  rose & ruby jewelry is all one of a kind, re-constructed from vintage pieces and re-purposed with new materials.  


Ayant fondé Kazak il y a tout juste 3 ans, Geneviève Paquette est une couturière autodidacte et éco-responsable. Influencée par les nombreux voyages et le métier de costumière, les créations Kazak mélangent fougue, romantisme et modernité. Étant issus de matériaux recyclés et majoritairement de cuir, les pièces sont alors inspirées par la matière et l’imaginaire. Toujours un brin unique, alliant caractère, féminité et personnalité!

manger et jouer

Erica fabrique des poupées et des jouets en tissu, de quoi s'amuser toute la journée. Et récemment, elle a créé une collection de vêtements pour enfants facile à enfiler, facile à porter. Des vêtements pour jouer.
Catherine fabrique des choses sucrées : friandises à croquer, à sucer, à tartiner. Idéal quand on a joué toute la journée.
Quelle équipe ! quoi de mieux que de manger et jouer toute la journée.

vintage mart

vintage mart is smart design mart's sister show, it features some of montreal's finest vintage vendors including caesar pony, cheap opulance, lily & ruby, vintage headquarters, supayana vintage and broundoor vintage.  they will be offering a carefully curated selection of men's & women's clothing & accessories from the 1950's-90's as well as decorative items for the home like 50 year old polaroid land cameras, globes & phones.  

Le Comptoir D'ailleurs

les macarons!!!!   les photophores!  les portes-bougies!  le comptoire d'ailleurs est un espace galerie, boutique photophore & boutique de fleurs, trois espaces distincts en symbiose sous une même vision minimaliste, urbaine et sculpturale.

UNIK printshop

UNIK printshop was started in 2009 by Sophie Joubarne.  Sophie prints on leather, on fabric, on paper, and on wood, on ceramic.  She has also been a tree planter for the past 12 years, that much time "logged" in the forest might explain why she loves screenprinting on wood so much!  UNIK's vision is to promote art by creating affordable and innovative products.  

la raffinerie

The designer Julia Vallelunga founded La Raffinerie in 2009. After graduating in Economics and Politics at l'Université de Montréal, she worked as a lobbyist, an export adviser, and a business adviser for startups. Frustrated that her day job wasn't creative enough, Julia Vallelunga decided to launch her own business. Two years later, La Raffinerie jewelry is on sale in stores across Canada, Japan, New York and London. The designer is also the founder of À la Mode Montréal, a popular fashion blog in Quebec that attracts around 35 000 readers per month.

La Raffinerie's Fall/Winter 2011/2012 collection “Chic Bazaar”, crafted of ribbon, brass findings and vintage accents is inspired by the colorful authentic bazaars. The collection has a bohemian side as well an eclectic, modern touch, certain to add a punch to any outfit.

In 2011, La Raffinerie was proud to announce a new collaboration with Anthropologie, but you can come and get a piece from the designer herself, this weekend!

November 29, 2011

urban re.dress

Miliana Sesartic is a Montreal-based creator and designer who specializes in sewing and bookmaking. Interested in sustainable practices and felt-making, she began making various accessories and garments using thrifted wool sweaters, scraps of fabric, wool and thread that would have otherwise been thrown away. Urban re.dress is a place where recycled and re-used creations gather to be adored anew.

tat design

Tat Chao (aka Tat Design) is an industrial designer who grew up and works in Montréal.
His eclectic work is inspired by his surroundings and his curious mind. Product, exhibition, interior, graphic... creativity has no boundaries!

Artisan Impact

The Artisan Impact team is made up of Ilan, Oded and Ev.  The friends met in arts high school at the age of 14 and went on to travel, work & create jewelry together.  They now split their time between Israel and Montreal.  They work mainly with combinations of silver, gold with gemstones and their jewelry is made with the craftsmanship and detail of old Yemeni and Middle Eastern cultures.  The collection "Oded & Ilan" was on display at the MOMA in NYC... and now at smart design mart.   

le refuge pour chats de verdun





we're so lucky to have le refuge pour chats de verdun take part in our event this year!  they're a non-profit organization run by volunteers, they rescue abandoned cats and  help them find adoptive families.  volunteers from le refuge will be working our gift wrapping station and gift wrapping will be by donation with ALL proceeds going directly to le refuge.  they will also have information on cats available for adoption.  cats are the best!!! 

mes trois soeurs

kimberly beattie is the designer behind mes trois soeurs. she makes precious dresses and girly accessories perfect for a tea party, and cozy knits to keep you both warm and stylish. she uses eco-friendly fabrics and yarns whenever possible. 

Loïc Bard

Loïc Bard makes beautiful wooden jewelry, kid's toys and household items.  His rings, bracelets & earrings have intricate wood inlay detailing & others are sculpted from black walnut.  Spoons are hand sculpted and one of a kind, all of his creations are treated with natural resins & oils.  BTW, Loïc is still a student at l'Institut des Métiers d'Arts de Montréal en Ébénisterie d'Art, imagine the stuff he's going to make after he graduates?  AMAZING!!